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BuilderWerks is first and foremost a timely and accurate communications tool that takes advantage of speech-recognition technology to streamline operations management...”





Just Say It and Send It!™

voice activated risk management system for on the job documentation that reduces risk, lowers accident rates and improves sub-contractor performance
Voice-activated Project and Risk Management Systems

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  • Monitor Risk Exposure
  • Hold ‘Trades’ Accountable
  • Track Audits Efficiently

There is always a certain excitement when a client starts using BuilderWerks* for Safety™.  Such was the case at a 45-story high rise going up on Brickell Ave in downtown Miami.  It took only moments as I began implementation to recognize the immediate impact our software was having on the safety of workers at the site. Below is that story.

BuilderWerks for Safety™ empowers safety engineers to document the times and events of their observations just by talking, then going on to communicate those spoken notes as printouts or emails to appropriate parties.  Safety issues that hide secretly in handwritten notebooks or that don't convey the real detail of an incident because they must be picked off a canned list or typed up hours later don't provide our kind of actionable intelligence for risk reduction, accountability or auditable efficiency.

The full functional value for safety management becomes apparent to clients as each safety engineer's issues are assimilated by the safety manager’s laptop.  The up-to-date timeline of actual safety issues, comprised of the complete set of observations from each engineer at every project provides knowledge about trends, exposure, coverage, and accountability that would otherwise be lost in a fog of anecdotal evidence or inconsistent spikes of actual incidents.  Suddenly, morning safety meetings with the supers and foreman change from shouting matches for not listening to handing out neatly printed, and concise reports of Safety’s spoken word and asking "Any Questions?"  Clout has arrived.

*BuilderWerks was introduced in 2003 and you can hear reviews by Builder-users at our website.

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