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BuilderWerks is first and foremost a timely and accurate communications tool that takes advantage of speech-recognition technology to streamline operations management...”


















Just Say It and Send It!™

IntoText incorporates  either Preferred or Professional versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking into BuilderWerks technology

Nuance is the World Leader in voice recognition technology. Their voice recognition engine, Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, is an essential tool incorporated into BuilderWerks.

Transcription conversion

An optional choice for your organization, this transcription service uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking to provide overnight transcription and proofing of your dictation.  Review the text the next morning and let BuilderWerks fax/e-mail the resulting documents for your trades to work with that day.

Email Secure Service Provider

BuilderWerks will fax your documents automatically by integrating the RelayFax® software package from alt-N. 

The Blackberry Cellular technology found in  the 88XX series is optional in BuilderWerks

BlackBerry® 88XX series technology includes SD storage capability and an Internet Modem feature so that our BuilderWerks users who choose the wireless option can transmit their voice notes directly from the site to the home network or our optional transcription service.

Magic of machine translation into vendor native language

Be understood! With the BuilderWerks Translator® your English or your Spanish can be translated into the native tongue of your vendors.  (Other languages work too.)